Values & Mission

Our Philosophy


Minnawarra House promotes a community spirit
in which children, families and individuals
are encouraged to reach for their potential.
We embrace all people in a spirit of fairness and acceptance.

Our Values


Support individuals, families and communities to fulfil their own potential, to self-sufficiency and to manage their own issues in the future.


Embrace all people, from diverse cultures, special needs and backgrounds with mutual respect and social justice.


Provide a welcoming, comfortable, relaxed and safe environment for the communities.

Professional Service

Provide excellent and professional services and programs that fit the needs of the communities.


Involve and communicate with and listen to the view of individuals, families and communities to inform our work.


Work collaboratively and encourage partnerships to strengthen relationships and improve outcomes.


Demonstrate open and accountable practice, through honest and truthful decisions and actions.


Be creative and innovative in programs, practices and communication.


Respect the people and communities we work with, and one another.